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A slap in the face of 30 million Americans

Republicans' latest coronavirus relief proposal is in.

In all of my years of public service, I have so rarely seen such a cynical, inept, callous handling of a national crisis.

Senate Republicans and Donald Trump have had months to figure out how to address the looming unemployment and rent crisis as assistance expires for millions of Americans this month. But true to form, instead of putting in the work to come up with a plan, they rolled out a half-baked laundry list of ways to harm workers and our economy.

The Republican "plan" will gut supercharged unemployment benefits for 30 million workers, carve out funding for military planes, and give a tax write off for three martini business lunches.

We've seen enough of Mitch McConnell's Senate to know what another term of Republican leadership will mean for workers and our economy. Chip in today to help elect a Senate that will work for workers, not special interests.

Here's the bottom line: This is a completely irresponsible, cruel, slap in the face to the 30 million Americans who are unemployed because of Donald Trump's failure to handle this criss.

Republicans have once again proven that they care more about helping the rich get richer than they do about helping workers and families.

Chip in $3 today to restore real leadership, starting right here in the Senate, and end this Republican-driven economic crisis.


Posted on July 29, 2020.

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