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The Washington Post has it exactly right:

The Washington Post has it exactly right:

Trump isn't hiding it, either. He's said – unambiguously, out loud, and in public – that he's refusing to fund the United States Postal Service because he wants to sabotage states' Vote-By-Mail efforts.

The President of the United States wants fewer Americans to vote.

Senate Republicans' reaction? As usual, their response is do nothing, say nothing.

We need leaders who will fight to defend our democracy, not their own power. Contribute now to take back the Senate with leaders who will fight to protect the Postal Service, and our democracy.

In just the last few weeks, Trump and Mitch McConnell installed a Trump loyalist as Postmaster General, who has already cut staff, slowed deliveries, and fired skilled managers. Now they're even removing mailboxes from cities around the country to sabotage the system.

They're holding our mail as a political hostage so Trump can steal an election. And they've turned our democratic core values into a partisan issue.

This is all because Trump is terrified of what a free and fair election might mean for his chances at winning the White House. Instead of putting in the work to help families and workers, they think it's easier to cut voters out of the democratic process.

Their attacks on the Postal Service don't only undermine our democracy. During the pandemic, our postal workers have kept our country moving. They deliver medication to seniors, make sure small businesses are connected to their customers and suppliers, and provide critical lifelines to rural communities.

None of that matters to Donald Trump. It's all collateral damage in his self-absorbed war to hold on to power.

And every step of the way, Senate Republicans have enabled his escalating abuses of power. They've had many chances to stand up for our country, and every single time, they've put loyalty to Trump over loyalty to country.

We're not letting them have another chance. Chip in now to take back the Senate and get our government working for the people again!


Posted on August 14, 2020.

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