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The largest anti-poverty measure in generations kicked off this week

This week, the treasury began sending the first round of expanded child tax credit payments, helping more than 35 million families to pay for essentials like doctor's visits, school supplies, child care, and groceries.

Experts estimate that the payment will reach nearly 60 million children, and will cut child poverty nearly in half over time. Expanding the tax credit is the most aggressive anti-poverty measure in more than 50 years. Simply put, it will do for our children what Social Security did for our nation's seniors.

And yet, not a single Republican Senator voted for it. When oil companies want special tax breaks or when billionaire bankers need to be bailed out from their own greed, Mitch McConnell and his friends fall all over one another to hand over taxpayer dollars. But when working families need to pay for medicine or food, Republicans turn their backs.

Now, they're working overtime to take the Senate so they can roll back the progress we've made. Special interests are already spending millions to help; that means our grassroots movement is the only thing that will stop a Republican takeover in 2022.

Chip in $3 now to fuel the fight to elect a Senate that will fight for working families, not lobbyists, billionaires, and corporations.

If we step up and stick together, we can expand our Senate majority and keep winning progressive victories. Let's do this.

Team Wyden

Posted on July 16, 2021.

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